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The MTG minmax AI landscape

Hi, It has recently come to my attention that two newcomers (at least new to me!) in the world of MTG minmax AI are making great progress. I find it extremely exciting that this kind of AI is getting more … Continue reading

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It seems almost impossible to find some time for Mox (or MTG) these days. Wes Cherry, creator of Windows Solitaire, said: The thing about time is they are always making more of it. No harm done. I can’t say I … Continue reading

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News from the battlefield

Hi everyone! I’m not dead… yet! I’ve worked tirelessly during the last month on the UI side of Mox. I’ve been toying with a card browser and now a deck browser/editor. Ultimately, I would have liked to be able to … Continue reading

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Continuous Effects

Hi, I could start today’s post by telling you that I have 48% of 10th edition cards implemented. But the bulk of my work in the last weeks was concentrated around a very specific mechanic (continuous effects). Those effects have … Continue reading

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I’m on a roll

I implemented about 70 cards in the last week, which more than doubles the total amount of implemented cards in Mox (which I implemented in a year). Most of these cards use mechanics that were already implemented and hence were … Continue reading

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As I mentioned previously, I’m back to the good stuff: implementing new cards! With every mechanic I implement, I can unlock many new cards. It’s almost like a game with achievements! Here’s the list of new mechanics with some examples, … Continue reading

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Enough AI already!

Hello, everyone! I’m sure that by now, you’re all fed up with me talking repeatedly about obscure MTG AI programming problems! Well, you’re in it for at least another time! !Health Warning! Attempting to program AIs for MTG can be … Continue reading

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Struggling with combat

Previously on this blog: I’m trying to get AI vs AI games to work so that I can do tests that cover random situations. Also, it gives me an opportunity to solve all the little problems that are bound to … Continue reading

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New theme

I thought this theme was pretty nice so here it is 🙂 I have made several improvements in Mox but I’ll leave that for the next post. I also added a link to the sourceforge project page for people wanting … Continue reading

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Introducing Arenas

Mox is still not quite stable. Even with my work in the previous weeks, the AI (it’s always the AI…) can still lead to one of these disasters: Stack overflow: This usually means that the AI is stuck in a … Continue reading

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