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What the future holds

Last week, my first son was born. Everyone’s healthy and happy. But I don’t think I’ll be able to continue any hobby software development, a least for a couple of months. See you out there! Advertisements

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User Interface – In Game

Here’s the latest sketch I have for the in-game screen. I took some ideas from the yet-to-be-released new MTGO client (here’s a blurry picture). Some notes about this sketch: I want to leave as much space up to the table. … Continue reading

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User interface – Deck Editor

Hi, I realized that I was very focused on small UI details and that I was never going to have a usable product this way. I thus decided to take a top-down approach, design the general flow of the app … Continue reading

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The MTG minmax AI landscape

Hi, It has recently come to my attention that two newcomers (at least new to me!) in the world of MTG minmax AI are making great progress. I find it extremely exciting that this kind of AI is getting more … Continue reading

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Slides from MIGS 2010

Available here. Enjoy!

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It seems almost impossible to find some time for Mox (or MTG) these days. Wes Cherry, creator of Windows Solitaire, said: The thing about time is they are always making more of it. No harm done. I can’t say I … Continue reading

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News from the battlefield

Hi everyone! I’m not dead… yet! I’ve worked tirelessly during the last month on the UI side of Mox. I’ve been toying with a card browser and now a deck browser/editor. Ultimately, I would have liked to be able to … Continue reading

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WPF or Silverlight?

I started Mox as a WPF project. I can provide a nice and rich user experience. But lately, I’ve been thinking into switching to Silverlight, another Microsoft-driven technology that is a bit like Flash, in that it runs on the … Continue reading

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Back from vacations

I’m back from a 3 weeks vacation in California. San Francisco is warm culturally but very cold and foggy. LA’s sun is hot but the city is kind of gray-ish. Santa Barbara’s marina is very nice and the coast around … Continue reading

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Continuous Effects

Hi, I could start today’s post by telling you that I have 48% of 10th edition cards implemented. But the bulk of my work in the last weeks was concentrated around a very specific mechanic (continuous effects). Those effects have … Continue reading

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