User interface – Deck Editor

Hi, I realized that I was very focused on small UI details and that I was never going to have a usable product this way. I thus decided to take a top-down approach, design the general flow of the app I want to make, and then make that happen, allowing me to skip over some details if necessary. Right now, I have:

  • a working, yet basic game interface (though with hardcoded decks and settings)
  • a deck browser/editor
  • a cool main menu

I want to add lobby management (i.e. game setup) and also have a greater unity between all these things. Since I find that prototyping with WPF can be quite long, I decided to try a “wireframing tool”, that allow me to easily try a layout. I started with the deck browser/editor screens:

I had most of this already implemented, but there were some things that I wanted to change and this kind of prototyping allowed me to clear up my ideas. You also have to imagine gatherer-like lists instead of the boring listboxes 🙂

One of the things that always bothered me is that I wanted a dark theme (à la Expression Blend), but the mana symbols that are downloaded automatically from only look good when used against a white (or very pale) background. I tried having most of the layout in the dark theme and then white list boxes, but it’s not looking so good. Also, it’s hard to give good selection feedback in the listboxes without changing the background color of the item. So, in the end, I might consider a whiter theme.

Also, I rewrote the network backend so that it’s easier to extend in the future. Maybe, I’ll write on that later.

Have a nice weekend (spring is here!)


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