News from the battlefield

Hi everyone! I’m not dead… yet!

I’ve worked tirelessly during the last month on the UI side of Mox. I’ve been toying with a card browser and now a deck browser/editor. Ultimately, I would have liked to be able to browse/download decks from major online deck databases but that doesn’t look feasible right now because no one is offering an API to access them. Maybe someday…

A new feature in Mox is that it now downloads card/symbol images automatically from the web, which is pretty nice for easier deployment.

I’ve sticked with (and invested in…) WPF for now. Xaml can (and most certainly will) be a great time sink because you can style everything. I’m starting to realize now that I suck at graphics design. If anyone wants to help with that, I’ll be glad to get a hand. There is one feature that I designed that I think is pretty cool. On the main menu screen, I pan/zoom on card images in the background (remember, those are downloaded automatically), much like you can see in some documentaries where the view pans/zooms on some photos. It’s really nice! Here’s a shot:

Each image stays for about 5-10 seconds and the whole thing is kind of hypnotizing. You can also play “guess the card” if you want 🙂

Maybe after I get the card/deck browser running, I can start thinking about a first binary release…

Shameless plug: I’ll be speaking at this year’s Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS). The title of my presentation is Pipeline design: A non-intrusive data driven approach. You can check out the description on the web site. Come see me if you’re attending 🙂



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