Back from vacations

I’m back from a 3 weeks vacation in California. San Francisco is warm culturally but very cold and foggy. LA’s sun is hot but the city is kind of gray-ish. Santa Barbara’s marina is very nice and the coast around Monterey is beautiful!

Now let’s go back to Mox… [to be continued]


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2 Responses to Back from vacations

  1. Hellfish says:

    Is the movie portrayal of LA/Santa Barbara true? i.e. All winter adds is a little extra wind to tussle up your hair while you lay on the beach? Either way, color me green with envy.

  2. fparadis2 says:

    I think I heard that the difference between highest and lowest (max) temperatures in the year is about 10C (about 20F), which is pretty amazing. It was definitely the case for the 3 weeks I was there that the weather was very constant, day after day.

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