Starter Decks

While trying to decide which cards/mechanics to implement next some time ago, I had the idea of looking up starter decks for 10th edition (yup, still on 10th edition). I figured they would contain somewhat simple cards. So I started with Cho-Manno’s resolve and I’ve made great progress. Only 4 cards of the 17 total cards are not implemented (Cho-Manno Legendary, Pacifism, Pariah and Serra’s Embrace). The other 13 cards led me to implement some features:

  • First/Double Strike
  • Flash
  • Optional effects (“You may gain 1 life”)

The features the 4 other cards require are

  • Vigilance (trivial)
  • Auras
  • Damage protection/redirection

Vigilance is trivial to implement, but the other two are a bit more complicated. I’m probably going to tackle on auras, since it’s the hardest and since it’s going to open up a whole lot of new cards (possibly including equipments). Or I might just go do the same thing on another starter deck (red one shouldn’t be too hard).

Have a great week!


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3 Responses to Starter Decks

  1. Ben says:

    I appreciate the work that has gone into this project. However, I’d like to know if others have trouble compiling the solution. I would like to see it running.

  2. fparadis2 says:

    Hmm, just realized the trunk doesn’t compile. My bad, forgot to implement some stuff at the UI level. I developed a bad habit of not running the app often because I’ve come to rely so much on unit tests. Just fixed, so you should be good to go after getting the latest revision.

    BTW, I’ve just come across a crash while playing. I’ll have to look into that (debugging minmax AI isn’t so easy!). In the meantime, be aware it’s not completely stable.

    Thanks for watching!

  3. Kyle says:

    Yesterday I started looking into Magic Game Engines and came across this one developed in C# (my language of choice). I did not expect to find open source game rules engines already under development and was pleasantly suprised.

    I am not sure where the project stands at this time, but would be willing to help. My C# development has been with .Net 1.1/2.0, so my knowledge of WCF & WPF is limited. If you would like some help please contact me at the email address provided in this message (I assume the admin can view it). You can also contact me via Windows Messenger Live using the same address.

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