Flying & Reach

While I couldn’t work on Mox this last week (was in Mexico), I still managed to get a few features in in the last few weeks. Most importantly, I’ve implemented the keywords Flying & Reach. In fact, all evasion abilities should now be pretty straightforward to implement (like landwalk). Also, I fixed an issue where the AI could get stuck in a loop when trying to play invalid moves. Of course, a solution would be to fix the AI so it doesn’t attempt these invalid moves, but I prefer a more robust solution, where the system can detect this case and simply discard this evaluation path in the minimax tree. I’ll try to minimize the number of invalid moves the AI tries only if I see it becomes a performance issue.

So, with these new keywords, Mox now supports a whopping 24 cards! (I think I got mtgrares“whopping”-itis). Here’s the full list:

  • Adarkar Wastes
  • Afflict
  • Aggressive Urge
  • Air Elemental
  • Angel of Mercy
  • Angelic Chorus
  • Battlefield Forge
  • Brushland
  • Caves of Koilos
  • Dross Crocodile
  • Forest
  • Island
  • Karplusan Forest
  • Llanowar Wastes
  • Mass of Ghouls
  • Megrim
  • Mountain
  • Plains
  • Shivan Reef
  • Shock
  • Sulfurous Springs
  • Swamp
  • Underground River
  • Yavimaya Coast

Nothing extraordinary, lots of vanilla creatures & lands in there, but I’m pretty happy about it. A year ago, I couldn’t even dream of having 1 card working.

As usual, you can compile the latest version and see the progress for yourself.

See you around!


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3 Responses to Flying & Reach

  1. fparadis2 says:

    Wow that’s a pretty nice nifty card authoring tool you got there 🙂

  2. maxetg says:

    maybe we should make our projects one. im Gabriel, you answered my post at mtrares.

    I’m C# coder. We must talk. MSN:


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