A Mox Christmas Carol

A long time ago, on Christmas eve, a young MTG software developer was dreaming of the family reunion to come. He had not worked much on Mox recently though, and was more preoccupied by all the things left to do before Christmas than by a card game. Suddenly, a voice woke him up.

“I am the ghost of Christmas Past”, said a peculiar character which looked like a ghost to the developer. “I will show you what programming Mox used to be for you”, he added. And then, the developer was transported to the birth of Mox, when he was happy only to get some abstract unit test running. He saw himself commit the first files, create a blog and he saw how happy his other self was. Without notice, the ghost vanished and another one appeared.

“I am the ghost of Christmas Present”, he said in a lighter voice than the first ghost. “I will show you the current state of Mox”, he added. Before the eyes of the developer scrolled all the features he had coded: a transactional object model, network replication, minmax AI, fully done in test-driven development. He saw that the difficult part was behind him. The ghost also showed him the great community around MTG programming, and the developer realized that he still thought he had something to bring to the table. Before he was even finished formulating this idea, the second ghost disappeared.

Clouds covered the skies, and a third, more sinister, ghost rose from the earth. “I am the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come”, said the ghost with a dark, menacing tone. “I will show you what will happen if you don’t persevere with Mox”. The horror! The developer saw his abandoned program floating on the internet like some debris, never quite reaching any destination, forever wandering among other abandoned projects. “I can’t let that happen!”, shouted the developer.

And so, he took some time to implement a feature that would allow him to get many more cards working: continuous effects. After some weeks of development, he got his first two cards using that mechanism working: Afflict and Aggressive Urge. With this breakthrough, he hopes to be able to get many more cards working after Christmas…


Aggressive Urge

Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy & moxy year.


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