UI Sneak peak

Without further ado, my first shot at a decent UI:

WPF rocks!

WPF rocks!

Some comments:

  • Yes, it’s very gray… I’m colorblind so I’m not taking any chances.
  • I took some style ideas from BlackLight, kudos to them!
  • It feels very static right now, the cards are not animated, it’s missing some movement.
  • I would like a “glow” effect on the hovered/enabled cards (much like in DOTP on xbox – check it out on youtube). If you’re a good artist and want to take a shot at this and save me the humiliation of trying to do that, write me.
  • If you have ideas, as usual, feel free to drop them in comments.

PS.: I think you might need Expression Blend 3 to compile Mox now because of the embedded fonts… might remove the font for now because of this.


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