Combat for dummies

I finished implementing the basic combat framework in Mox. It handles simple stuff only (no planeswalkers for now for instance). While I used the 2010 comp rules as my reference specs, I didn’t even implement damage assignement order yet. And there’s no way to declare attackers (let alone blockers) in the UI. Oh, and there’s no AI for combat yet. As you see, there’s much left to be done on that side!

Yet I’ll switch task now and I’ll work a little on the UI side, to hone my WPF skills. I’d like to create a card template to see the cards with images when available (won’t ship with them obviously) and another template when the card image is not available.

Hopefully, I can post better screenshots after that 🙂

[Edit] Here’s what I came up with in 2 hours…

"Grayed out" cards cannot be played.


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3 Responses to Combat for dummies

  1. Snacko says:

    You could use icons for the mana (they’re copyrighted too so have to ship without them), and the zones maybe.

  2. LokiX says:

    Looking good. =)

  3. frwololo says:

    Nice progress!

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