Starting combat

Hey all, I hope you’re having fun with my code 😉

Since we last talked, I implemented some fundamentals of MTG:

  • Players lose when they have 0 or less life (!)
  • Creatures are destroyed when they have more damage (or as much) than toughness
  • Creatures are sent to graveyard if they have 0 or less toughness

As you can see, I added some state-based actions checks before giving priority to players. Now I’m starting to implement simple combat (no banding, flying, etc), my short-term goal being to be able to support vanilla creatures. I can already cast them (and shock them *evil laugh*), but I can’t attack with them yet.

Implementing all this leaves my UI in a poor state compared to the rest. P/W is not displayed on creatures (erhm I should say *buttons*!) and there’s a lot of what I call “interaction candy” missing. For example, I would like the UI client to automatically pass unless the player has requested to stop at a particular step. Also, mana payment could be simplified. I’ll delve into that after simple combat is done.


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