Source code released under GPL

Hello all,

Some of you wanted to be able to look at the source code of Mox. Also, I wanted to start using a source control tool for easier change management. So I started a project on sourceforge. You can browse the source code here or download it using svn directly. It forced me to do some cleanup in the project/folder structure, which was overdue. Although I think I got everything right, it’s totally possible that there are some files missing or some other problem. So if you try it, tell me how it went. To compile the code, you will need Visual Studio 2008 (2005 with the WPF/WCF extensions might work, didn’t try).

The code is released under the GPLv3, which means it cannot be used in a commercial software without my authorization. Feel free to use/modify/hack it to your will though. I think it’s still a bit early for official contributors, but that’s definitely something I’ll be looking for once I get more basic stuff implemented (combat, more advanced spells). If someone has good experience with WPF, I’d be happy to start working on an official UI. You can also send me patches if you added something of value.

There is no binary distribution at this time. There’s not enough in there to warrant a binary release, and won’t be for some time.

On another note, I did some catching up this weekend:

  • I renamed some stuff following the MTG 2010 changes (in play becomes battlefield, removed from the game becomes exile and end of turn becomes simply end).
  • I finally implemented the “one land per turn” rule.
  • I implemented the rule that says that cards can only be played on a main phase of their controller’s turn. (Yup, that wasn’t even there yet)

So it’s definitely starting to feel more like MTG. I think I’ll delve into combat now… wish me luck!


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3 Responses to Source code released under GPL

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  2. Snacko says:

    Thanks, was going to ask if you will opensource it 🙂
    Will see if it compiles and how it works.

    Also maybe a git / mercurial repository would be better as it allows for easier branching and merging back.

  3. LokiX says:

    Good luck. =)

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