I’m back!

Yup, after exactly one month of silence (and travel), I’m back!

I’m still working on getting a working AI for my simple “Shock” model. I’m getting kinda bored though, this is much harder than I imagined… so my real down-to-earth objective right now is at least to get the UI client working as before. To integrate minmax AI, I had to change A LOT of the game flow programming, so it’s been weeks (months now?) since I had the application running. I’m confident though, as my trustworthy unit tests are telling me that everything should be fine when I press F5 🙂 With some luck, the AI won’t be so far ahead after this, in theory. I would hate to have changed everything just to realize that it’s too slow or that it doesn’t work well.

I’ll keep you posted.


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2 Responses to I’m back!

  1. Snacko says:

    Personally for me AI is like the icing on the cake, I would like to see an opensource?, secure, server based, rules enforced magic client, so I’m really looking forward to your project.
    You should set the priorities, because writing AI is pretty complex task and this might slow down the development as it’s a one man’s work at the moment.
    But I agree that setting the foundation right to support AI in the future is a good thing as changing half of your code base in the later parts of development doesn’t end well most of the time.
    Also if you get this project working, be ready to face WotC as they won’t turn a blind eye for MTGO competitor.

  2. fparadis2 says:

    Yup, just looking for a “proof of concept AI” for now. Just want to make sure all the work I do after will live a long life.

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