Step by step

Hey, I’ve implemented most of the important phases in the game, like Untap and Draw… In fact, the only steps not implemented are the combat steps. They are currently skipped. Also, there are still many problems with the other phases. For example, players can play sorceries whenever they have the priority and the stack is empty, although they should only be able to play sorceries during the main phases. The basic flow is there though. Here’s a screenshot with my naive client implementation:

First steps implementation in Mox

As you can see, I’m taking the same approach for the UI as many other MTG software. Steps during the player’s turn will be shown on the left, and steps during the opponent’s turn(s) will be shown at the right (this is not done for the moment). You can also see the “Anti-cheating” stuff I was talking about in last posts. The opponent’s hand is not visible here (of course, the UI is temporary and shows one small blob for each card!)

By the way, WPF lets you do really cool things 🙂 Didn’t have to write  a line of code to get the “bold and offsetted a bit” effect on the current step!


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2 Responses to Step by step

  1. Huggybaby says:

    Hey Mox, the layout is coming along nicely. It’s uncluttered and looks easy enough to follow. Please stick with it because I want to give this a spin someday!

    • fparadis2 says:

      Thanks 🙂 It’s still a very temporary UI though. I prefer doing the whole app with this naive UI, and then at the end, do something cuter when I know all the elements that will need to be there. Also, WPF will allow this easily; you can change the whole design/layout/presentation of an application without changing a single code of line because the behavior and the style of UI elements are completely separate.

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