First words: birth of an application

Hey there, this is a blog where I’ll be talking about the development of Mox, basically your typical Magic the Gathering® game application. After a couple of months of undercover development, I feel ready to start letting some information out to the world. I might not write every day, not even every week, but I hope this space is gonna help me build a better game so at least a couple of people can enjoy it! See the About page for more information about Mox.

To celebrate this exciting new blog (and to test what WordPress offers!), I’m gonna post the first ever screenshot of Mox. Prepare to be surprised:

First ever Mox screenshot

First ever Mox screenshot

I know.. it’s…. white. I’ll explain more about the UI in another post. You can still start to see some MTG elements though 🙂 And everything works you see works (i.e. you can play the “cards”, you can mulligan) altough right now, it’s dummy cards with dummy abilities. Anyway, see you later!


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